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You only get one body; treat it the way you want to be treated. Let us help you

sculpt the body you desire while simultaneously improving your quality of life – through exercise.


Here at Lux Regal Studio, we believe health is wealth. We offer private one-on-one sessions in the forms of personal training and Pilates training. Personal training is strength based and Pilates is low-impact and a full body workout that centers around the core – the two together are the perfect combination and complement each other well. It’s never too late to jumpstart your fitness journey. Come in today for a complimentary session! The session is your choice, either personal training or Pilates. In addition to training, we also offer meal planning services. Each training session is one-on-one and completely customized. The sessions can be purchased alone or in combination with meal planning. We want to help you succeed and achieve whatever goals you may have set for yourself. Hope to see you in the studio soon!

Personal Training

Ready to jumpstart your fitness journey, but need an extra push and accountability? Here you can purchase one-on-one personal training packages that can be purchased alone, or in combination with Pilates training and/or meal planning.


Interested in trying Pilates? We offer one-on-one Pilates training in a private setting. Each workout is unique and customized to your specific needs. Pilates training can be purchased alone or in combination with personal training and/or meal planning.

Dual Training

Not sure which fitness route to take – pilates or personal training? Do both. Pilates is a great supplement to personal training. While personal training focuses on building the larger muscles, pilates help to build the smaller, more intricate muscles – maximizing your results.


Are you completely stumped when it comes to nutrition? That’s what we’re here for. Nutritional coaching and meal planning services, provided by a certified nutrition coach, are available as an add-on to the training of your choice or as a standalone product.

About Us

Welcome! At LR Health and Wellness, our mission is to help you be the best version of yourself in every way possible. Our trainers are certified and continually increasing their knowledge. The fitness world is constantly changing, and we want to evolve with it to better serve our community.



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