Personal Training

Ready to jumpstart your fitness journey, but need an extra push and accountability? Here you can purchase one-on-one personal training packages that can be purchased alone, or in combination with Pilates training and/or meal planning.


Interested in trying Pilates? We offer one-on-one Pilates training in a private setting. Each workout is unique and customized to your specific needs. Pilates training can be purchased alone or in combination with personal training and/or meal planning.

Dual Training

Not sure which fitness route to take – pilates or personal training? Do both. Pilates is a great supplement to personal training. While personal training focuses on building the larger muscles, pilates help to build the smaller, more intricate muscles – maximizing your results.


Are you completely stumped when it comes to nutrition? That’s what we’re here for. Nutritional coaching and meal planning services, provided by a certified nutrition coach, are available as an add-on to the training of your choice or as a standalone product.

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